Musical Aura

Musical Aura

I have founded a musical band named “Musical Aura”, renowned for the concept based on social issues of society. Musical Aura is a community dedicated to music lovers depicting the diverse aspects of human life and social values. Musical Aura fills the world with glorious shades of social aspects through the medium of music. It is a musical and literary presentation of social aspects that need attention in society through appealing concepts to lead a better life style. Few of the social issues are:

  1. Atulya Bharat on Patriotism (Desh Bakti)
  2. Naari shakti on Women empowerment
  3. Rang Rangeela Desh on Festivals of India
  4. Prakriti on five elements of nature
  5. Hausla- a motivational concept show
  6. Janmadata on Relationship

& the band has also contributed towards curation of retro medley of the evergreen songs and devotional songs (Bhajans)

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